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5 ways in which you can enhance your personal habit

Before we delve any deeper into the concept of personal habits and how we can use them to transform our lives, here is a pro tip:

Do give a read to James Clear Atomic Habits

It is the most comprehensive guide that I have read and, perhaps, it is something worth giving a shot. Nevertheless, coming back, our subconscious is like a bank. The only thing is that it accumulates more than it dispenses.

Something of that sort happens with our way of living and forming habits. Some of our day-to-day things culminate over time into personal habits and become an integral part of our lives.

5 ways in which you can enhance your personal habit

For instance, your knack for checking your cellphone before you go to sleep or after you wake up. This was not inculcated rather developed by you.

If you introspect, you will find many such habits are affecting the quality of life in both ways, positive and negative. It is challenging, but not impossible, to rewire our habits, study new things, or alter our perceptions. We need to unearth the strength to step out of our comfort zones and move past the emotional discomfort.

Let us see how we can enhance personal habits and the amendments we need to make to reap benefits. Three areas you can bring a change by working on these personal habits for best results and overall personality development:

One for improving personal habits


We are so exhausted and stressed out all the time that we hardly laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. It not only boosts your immunity and blood flow but also cleanses your aura and cheers you up. Sit with family or friends and recall old stories, funny moments, or watch a comedy series or film.


It is vital to keep your room or study area clean and organized. It gives you higher productivity, and you work with more efficiency. Also cleaning is a great activity to release anger or stress. Organizing physical aspects of your life help in organizing your thought process better.


One of the major reasons for depression and anxiety is that we keep things to ourselves and burden our minds. Whereas we should share and take it out to people whom we can trust. this is a very fatal habit that most of us have and a major reason for heart attacks. Sharing helps lighten the weight inside

How to develop personal habits for success

Start your day Early:

There was a time when everyone in the family used to get up early in the morning and be off to bed at the earliest. But today, people have just flipped the sleeping and waking clock. We like burning the midnight oil, despite our biological clock not allowing it, and sleeping till late in the morning. This is the first habit on needs to change if you want success. Early morning is the most productive time of the day, also getting up early keeps you fresh and active throughout the day.


We are missing out on reading as a habit. Given we have become tech-savvy, we hardly have the patience to sit and read a book even for 10 minutes! Reading is a great way to improve your spoken as well as written language aside from gaining knowledge.

Right Association:

“A man is known by the company he keeps”. Not only do the people you hang out with impact your personality it also affects your thinking process, you are most likely to grab their habits. Successful people say they always are around people who are sharper and more influential than them. this helps them learn and advance their knowledge.

Stop Procrastinating:

We all have a very bad habit of delaying things or working out things at the last moment. We feel we can perform better under pressure rather this just pile up the work, stop doing it right away. Try to complete things if not before time then at least on time. This not only increases your productivity and credibility but gives you free time to do other things.

Personal habits that improve productivity

Make Your bed:

It is said if you can make your bed daily, you can do other things too with ease. Following this routine daily can add discipline to your overall schedule. Also, it helps you start your day with clarity and a sense of accomplishment of a task completed early in the morning.

Begin your day in action:

You don’t need me to tell you the benefits of exercise, but it is true that when you start your day with physical activity it keeps you fit and active throughout the day. If you cannot do anything major like cycling, gyming, or sports, it is completely fine to just go for a brisk walk.

Maintain a journal:

Your mind is equipped with millions of thoughts and ideas but you are unable to channel them? Do you face difficulty in synchronizing your daily tasks and miss out on important things? All you have to do is to start writing a journal. Grab a copy pen down your thoughts and clear your mind out. Prepare a to-do list daily before you start your day to bring it all on track.


Those are small yet impactful things I do daily that make my life better, these have over time greatly enhanced my personality and improved my work life as well. Now I would like you to share yours – What do you do each day that brings a positive impact on your life? Let me know in the comments below!